Don’t Worry about Catering — mattapan house has Got Your Back!
When they cater, they’re your partner. It’s as simple as that. Planning an event is stressful, and they know it’s their job to free you from worrying about food. You can rely on us for advice and complete attention to detail.

mattapan house care what kind of event you’re holding and who will be there. they’ll help shape the food part of your event to match your audience, and give you the extra attention to detail you need. they’re going to offer you a salad if you’re ordering chicken. they have heated bags that they leave with you, and they will come pick them up when you’re done and ask you how it went.

mattapan house have a huge attention to detail here when it comes to orders. they don’t portion control to make sure that they’re saving. they add the right amount of food so that they’re not overcharging you, but so that you have enough. Most restaurants either charge sky high prices, or they’re careful to portion control so that they save money. You’ll never place a large order with us and find there’s not enough dipping sauce or napkins.

The secret is they use their eyes, and they always have two managers on staff, for two lines of defense when food is ready to go. One person makes sure that the chicken and steak are just right — not undercooked or overcooked — and the right condiments are in there. Then the second manager verifies it. And they manage their cooking to the delivery driver’s trips. If their driver just left and get a call, they’ll wait ten minutes to cook your order so that when it’s ready and piping hot, the driver is back and ready to deliver it.
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